We know that building high-growth companies requires strong leadership. In addition to investing in companies with talented founders and management teams already in place, we proactively partner with high-caliber executives in our Tritium CEO Partners™ program to become involved in new platform companies. In this program, we work collaboratively with our CEO Partners to identify and execute buy-and-build investment strategies. Once the first transaction is complete and the platform is formed, the CEO Partner will either join and lead the organization as its CEO or act as an advisor to the existing leadership team as a member of the Board of Directors.

Although Tritium was founded in 2013, the genesis of our program was in 2004 when the principals of Tritium began working with their first CEO Partner. That relationship led to the creation of a platform company that rapidly grew into a global, multi-billion dollar public company, which created significant wealth for all stakeholders. Since this first successful relationship, these principals and other members of the Tritium team have worked closely to pair over a dozen operationally-savvy and experienced CEO Partners with motivated, entrepreneurial founders to build successful, growth companies.

We are continuously interested in developing new relationships across our core investment sectors with CEO Partners who have the energy, strategic acumen, operational judgment, and passion for building growth companies. These relationships can be informal, where we stay in regular contact to pursue investment opportunities together or formal, where we mutually commit to work full-time together to identify the next company that he or she will lead.