Access Technology Solutions Relaunches as Global Access and Ushers in New Era of Growth in Global Direct-to-Consumer Commerce

Provo, UT, Monday, June 2, 2015 – Access Technology Solutions (ATS) is formally announcing the change of its business name to Global Access, effective immediately. The relaunch signifies the beginning of the next phase of growth in global ecommerce as leaders in the international cross-border sector consolidate solution offerings and welcome new rounds of VC and private equity investment.

Last August, Global Access announced a majority investment by Tritium Partners and StepStone Group to help accelerate its growth as a leading provider of cross-border ecommerce solutions. Ocean Avenue Capital Partners also participated in the transaction. The investment strengthened Global Access’ leading position as a turn-key provider of global commerce solutions for retailers and direct selling merchants investing to increase international ecommerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales. Global Access also recently acquired Shipito, a cross-border online commerce broker and international forwarder, for an undisclosed amount.

“In the last year, our industry has generated close to a half billion dollars of new investment; all with the overriding objective of reducing the complexity of cross-border ecommerce,” said Chris Boyle, Global Access’ CEO and founder. “We changed our company name to emphasize our team’s ability to provide global access to direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales opportunities in fast-growing markets around the world”

Global Access’ mission is to deliver simple, low risk ways for retailers, brands and direct selling organizations to profitably sell and distribute products globally at significantly lower costs and with high levels of client satisfaction. Global Access helps merchants and consumers fulfill cross-border demand with its turnkey, cloud-based technology and proprietary end-to-end logistics network. Global Access currently services merchants worldwide and has fulfilled more than 6 million cross-border transactions.

“Global Access’ decade-plus of experience in Asia-Pacific really differentiated them from the other leaders we looked at during our investment due diligence,” explained Matt Bowman, Partner at Tritium. “Global Access’ technology is clearly the most robust, time-tested platform on the market, and its logistics network has the distinct advantage of providing lower, fully landed costs to the consumer than the competitive offerings.”

Global Access initially built its cross-border commerce and shipping volume in Japan, the world’s 4th largest ecommerce market, before expanding the scope of its operations to China, Western Europe, Canada and Australia. Most competing cross-border solutions focus either on Canada or Western Europe.

Japan, Australia, Korea, SE Asia and especially China are markets where the eyes of the international ecommerce world are looking for new opportunities. So too are global investors, which is why digital, mobile and social commerce IPOs — including China’s (May 2014 IPO), Tencent (June 2014) and Alibaba (Sept 2014) — have also been such popular international ecommerce investment plays in the past year.

The next phase of international ecommerce expansion will see brands go global by being local. As the global middle class leapfrogs traditional retail channels in favor of digital, mobile and social commerce channels, localized operations on a global scale will define retail’s future winners. Retailers and brands seeking fast and cost-effective international growth will gravitate towards solutions that are directly supported by extensive regional networks of local, in-country partners providing on-the-ground operational insight and expertise.

“We’ve been on the ground in Japan for more than a decade and in other key Asian and European markets for nearly as long,” continued Boyle. “We’ve seen first-hand how localized support and intelligence from proven in-market partners makes all the difference in the world. It really takes local marketers, brokers, shippers and delivery agents to deliver to the expectations of our customers. Our new name Global Access speaks to the important roles that our trusted partners play when accessing global opportunities.”

Global Access is the leading global solution partner for the direct selling and retail ecommerce industry, helping some of the markets biggest names expand overseas faster and with less risk and investment. Global Access’ turnkey, cloud-based technology and proprietary end-to-end logistics network offers companies a simple, low risk way to sell and distribute products profitably into international markets at significantly lower costs and with demonstratively higher levels of client satisfaction.

With the Global Access™ solution, clients can tap into a world class network of logistics partners that offer both direct shipping from the US and global, in-country warehousing. In addition, Global Access provides direct-to-consumer and retail brands a cloud-based service that combines native language websites, customer support, order capture and local payment methods.