Internet and information services

We focus on Internet and digital media companies that use multiple business models to distribute services to both consumer and business markets. We also actively pursue information-based companies that gather and leverage data and analytics to deliver valuable insights and intelligence.

Supply chain and logistics

We focus on non-asset and asset-light business models providing transportation solutions and supporting supply chain tools and services to both domestic and global markets.

Financial and business services

We focus on differentiated service providers in financial and business services that have created advantaged positions in both emerging and traditional markets through technology, strategic partnerships, or proprietary processes.

Company Size

$2MM – $15MM in EBITDA

We also create platform companies by combining smaller businesses in order to establish a strong financial profile, a compelling service offering, and an enthusiastic customer base from which to execute on our growth strategies.


Growth oriented – we invest in businesses already exhibiting strong growth or have potential for high growth with increased investment. In addition, we actively pursue strategic acquisitions that add new service offerings or broaden market coverage.

Management centric – we work with outstanding founders and accomplished executives and advisors who excel at leading and building growth companies.


We prefer to keep the decision making simple as we work with our management teams to build market leaders. Therefore, we typically own a majority stake in our companies.


New platform investments headquartered in North America. Pursue add-on acquisitions globally.