At Tritium, we invest in people and partner with outstanding founders and accomplished executives who are already strong operators. We view our primary role as seeking ways to amplify the efforts of our leadership teams. We accomplish this by engaging actively on the topics where our knowledge and experience provide the greatest leverage:

  • Strategic planning – we help identify and develop strategic priorities and growth initiatives
  • Team building – we help attract and recruit experienced senior executives
  • Industry advisors – we leverage our networks of industry relationships to bring seasoned luminaries into advisory roles in our portfolio companies
  • Corporate development – we help close acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and major customers
  • Capitalization – we help optimize and manage the balance sheet for all shareholders
  • Exit planning – we help achieve strong outcomes through successful sales, mergers, or IPOs

Our involvement on these subjects ranges from high-level guidance in a board capacity to “rolling up our sleeves” and working side-by-side with our management teams as warranted. We strive to be viewed as impactful and high-integrity business partners while ensuring our management teams feel empowered to lead and manage their companies to maximize shareholder value.